Frequently Asked Questions

Still a bit unsure of what AnimDojo is or how it works? Here are some common questions we've been asked which may help.
If these don't help then please send us an email to

Who is AnimDojo aimed at?

At the moment AnimDojo is aimed at animators who have a Maya character animation showreel but would like to improve it to get a great job. It's bridging the gap between education and industry.

Is it just for graduates?

No. Our belief is animators and artists should always be trying to improve themselves. You never stop improving and we're here to facilitate that.

What are the requirements?

You need four things:
1. Basic Maya character animation skills.
2. English language skills to understand instructions and get involved.
3. Access to a computer with Autodesk Maya installed.
4. A broadband internet connection to view the videos and upload your work.
If you are a member of AnimDojo you can download the educational version of Maya for free.

How much does it cost?

We've focused on how to make it affordable as possible, to help as many people as we can. Therefore it costs just $20 / £15 per month. Additional low-cost "bolt-ons" such as showreel critiques by professional animators can be paid for as extras when you are ready.

It sounds too good to be true?!

We've ripped up the traditional educational pricing model and looked at how we can do something different. By designing a programme that's not reliant on constant one-to-one mentoring we can substantially reduce the cost. We focus on how to make you better, not just your work. If you do want one-to-one critiques, you can pay £30 for a personal feedback session.

How much time do I need to put in?

There is no minimum time requirement, we've designed AnimDojo with short exercises to work around your free time to make it as inclusive as possible. The more time you put in, the more you will get out of it. We'd suggest at least 2-3 hours a week.

Is it a problem that I've never used Maya?

At the moment AnimDojo is aimed animators who have already had basic training in Maya character animation and looking to improve. We are developing materials to help those who have never used Maya or a 3D package before, this will launch in Spring.

When do I need to attend?

The weekly live streams take place at 7pm-8.30pm UK time on Wednesdays, but these streams are re-watchable for 14 days after the event takes place. We also have some live streams at luchtime UK time. You can access a wide range of video lessons and example exercises on the website at a time that's best for you. We've designed AnimDojo to work around your free time, to make it as inclusive as possible.

What computer/software do I need?

You need a PC, Mac or Linux workstation, or laptop with a working copy of Autodesk Maya installed, with at least an entry-level 3D graphics card. You can download a trial version of Maya, or if you are a paid AnimDojo member you can download Maya for free for educational use only.

Can I just sign up for one month?

Yes, but we don't think you'll get the most out of AnimDojo that way. We've designed AnimDojo for continuous personal development and improvement, and that takes longer than one month. Think of it like a gym subscription. We encourage you to participate in the exercises and peer critiques and discussions for as long as possible.