Introducing Katie!

By Tom Box | 20th August 2018


We’re passionate about making AnimDojo an invaluable resource that can genuinely help animators get the job they dream of.

To date myself and Bader have been running the website, with the help of some great animators to do live streams. But both Bader and my time are limited, so we wanted to bring in some friendly help to ensure AnimDojo lives up to all of our expectations.

With that, we’re very happy to announce that Katie Gascoyne has join the team as our Community Manager!

Katie was one of the very first people to try out AnimDojo when we ran the early-access programme last October. So she knows the platform inside and out, and spoke of it so positively we wanted to give her a job :)

So Katie will be on hand to answer any questions and help out in all things AnimDojo!

You can listen to us chat with Katie and discuss upcoming AnimDojo plans in our latest podcast, available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts app.

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