We've been featured in 3DArtist Magazine!

By Bader Badruddin | 15th January 2018

Its all coming together!

This just shows that working SMART and not HARD is the right way to do everything and not just animation!

Joking aside, however, this is such a great start to AnimDojo and we couldn't have done it without our amazing Dojo'ers (you know who you are!). To have a two-page spread in the first issue of 3DArtist Magazine's 2018 year is such an honor and we are so proud of all of the work everybody has put in to make AnimDojo into what it is.

6 months ago AnimDojo was just an idea on a scrap of paper where myself, Tom Box, and Adam Shaw were struggling to hold a conversation over a flakey Skype session over 3000 miles away in Dubai (My sister's dog kept me company though!). We only registered the domain in August! and during our very first live session, the website crashed!

But in true AnimDojo fashion, we kept trying, and failing, and succeeding, until we made it to this point. This is what makes AnimDojo so unique! We aren't afraid of our failures and sharing them with you because that is how we learn and grow and get better. The live sessions are a testament to that, where anything can happen, and problem-solving is part of the job as an animator, so why not start learning that from the get-go?

Again thank you to everyone at 3DArtist for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas and give us the opportunity to talk about AnimDojo!

Go grab a copy and have a read through

AnimDojo isn't a school, and you know that! Lets spread the word and help other animators to start working the "Dojo" way and flip the system on its head and make our mark!

Love you Dojo'ers!


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